About CodeLions We are a team of friendly professionals dedicated to the projects of our customers. We want to be the best in what we do. That is why we focus on a small amount of technologies and have an extremely thorough process of hiring. Our services include drafting and analyzing new requirements, technical consulting, and implementing software solutions. Our mission is rather simple - CodeLions helps customers bring their products to market faster while reducing overall system development costs. Do you see yourself in our team?
Our core values When you grow we keep you focused. Your reliable partner for building dedicated technology teams in Ukraine.
Delivering value
Delivering value We deliver value to our clients by thinking out the box, and we treat every project as our own.
Proactivity Our processes and communication are transparent. Every client understands what is going on which his project every day. We provide daily, sprint and monthly reports.
Self-development For our team, continuous learning and self-development are crucial and that is why we allocate special resources for this.
Trust We build trust. If that is the more optimal way to do the same - we say that so customers can achieve the same result faster and chipper.
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