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CodeLions Software CEO, Volodymyr Dudas, Dares to Tate the Company on a Journey to
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Author: CodeLions
Date: 17 June, 2021
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Incorporated in 2018 and based in LVIV, CodeLions Software is a reliable partner for building dedicated technology teams in Ukraine. Having experience in an outstaffing team with Web & Mobile development professionals that provide solutions for start-ups and established enterprises worldwide, CodeLions believes in a consumer-oriented and problem-solving approach.

CodeLions's primary goal is to make sure that each of its clients is completely satisfied with their work. The organization holds a team of friendly professionals dedicated to the projects of customers. They want to be the best in what they do. That is why CodeLions focuses on a small number of technologies and has a comprehensive process of hiring.

The services include drafting and analyzing new specifications, technical consulting, and implementing software solutions.

CodeLions's mission is relatively simple - CodeLions helps clients bring their products to market faster while decreasing overall system development costs.

The GoodFirms team approached Volodymyr Dudas, the CEO of CodeLions Software, who unveiled the insights of the company along with its flourishing services.

Starting with the interview, Volodymyr Dudas introduces CodeLions by asserting that experts focus on custom software development, DevOps, consulting, and outsourcing to ensure the clients' best service and support. The team builds trust, business value, and long-term relationships with the clients. The principal value of the services is to help the clients save their time and money on finding good specialists and focus that energy and time on their business growth.

Further, Volodymyr narrates the story behind the company's inception. He beams that he holds experience as a freelancer as a full-stack developer in the past. Being passionate about delivering excellent service and helping clients to grow their ideas and businesses, Volodymyr got more requests than he could handle. As a result, he founded dedicated professionals who shared the same values and provided the best products to the clients.

Talking about the company’s business model, Volodymyr mentions that from the very beginning, CodeLions provides remote software development services. Its motto is: “When you GROW we keep you FOCUSED.” CodeLions became a long-term IT partner for every client by supporting them with outsourcing or out staff services.

Volodymyr is helming a company that has a grip on the local market dynamics, especially with regards to the penetration of software and the evolving market dynamics. He credits its longevity to its reputation as a trustworthy software agency as its focus is on correct business practices and a dedication to its principles, particularly the “basic value of uprightness,” explains the CEO.

Moreover, CodeLions have steadily grown over the years, and the founders are very proud of that. Drawing upon that success, Volodymyr is looking towards the future with a singular focus. “We want to be the leading software and outstaffing services group on the continent,” he says.

Talking about the services rendered by the company, Volodymyr divulges the most in-demand services - software development and mobile app development.

CodeLions' expert team provides high-quality custom software development services. They create end-to-end web, desktop, and mobile solutions for businesses of any size to speed up their growth and increase organizational effectiveness.

Every software product needs a unique approach. Yet, some primary stages are standard for most full-cycle product development projects. The professional engineers establish the foundation for further collaboration by diving deeper into the concept of clients' custom software solutions and building a product design. This stage covers:

  • Classification of clients' needs and expectations
  • Estimate of time and budget
  • Defining clients' priorities
  • UX/UI devising
  • Team assigning

Volodymyr emphasizes that quality custom software supports the clients' business needs and facilitates its development. The highly proficient programmers build stable, scalable, and high-performing solutions that will drive clients' businesses forward to success.

Thus, building reliable and effective software solutions enabling clients to achieve their respective business goals endows CodeLions Software to tap into the list of top software development companies in LVIV at GoodFirms.

The review displayed below confirms the quality of service offerings rendered by CodeLions.

Besides software development services, Volodymyr elaborates the mobile app development services catered to clients enabling them to increase their sales and profits, respectively.

The group arranges the first meeting to determine clients' business needs and project core milestones before compiling a good proposal. As soon as clients' business goals are clear and all risks are managed, the team documents all required things to get the project success. The project managers take time and give clients a project roadmap, including all review and deadline dates.

The expert developers create a concept design for clients' projects. The designing team will present the vision of clients' projects to their consideration to prepare its technical foundation. They work using two-week sprints at the end of which clients can check the working prototype. The skilled team checks each iteration prototype to verify if it follows all requirements and gives clients the best result. They give clients even more than expected and are always present with further support.

The expert engineers give professional mobile application development services. They can create easy-to-use and visually attractive mobile apps that run smoothly on any device and platform. The expert developers' team has been a technical partner of young startups and established companies for years.

The expert team understands the challenges clients face regarding mobile app development and can easily furnish their specific needs. Thus, providing full-cycle mobile development services to build a feature-packed application with high potential to reach the top of app stores' rankings would soon endow CodeLions as one of the top mobile app development service providers in Ukraine at GoodFirms.

In conclusion, Volodymyr mentions that the expert engineers’ team treats every project as its own and makes it the best. The group provides ideas and suggestions and cares about the final result by focusing on long-term cooperation and the client’s business growth. Volodymyr explains that if there is some more optimal way to achieve the goal faster, the experts’ group works on that to provide customer robust solutions. They deliver value to the clients by thinking out of the box.

He also mentions that having built great relationships with every client CodeLions have repetitive clients for a long time as well as those clients keep referring to others. As from the last year, CodeLions 70+% of the clients are repetitive.

Thus, going through the above-mentioned description reflecting CodeLions’ team’s potential to innovate and provide employment opportunities and solve people’s problems, and improving clients’ businesses; one can also go through the detailed interview published at GoodFirms.

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